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Car Insurance Tips

car insurance tips

Collision coverage – What is it and should I have it?

Collision is the part of your auto insurance policy that pays for damages to your car if you “collide” with another vehicle or object. If you don’t carry collision on your policy, there would be no coverage for the damages to your car. If you do have collision coverage and get into an accident, your policy would pay up to the “book value” of your vehicle less your deductible.

Why would I drop the collision coverage?

Some people do this to save money on their auto policy premium. Collision coverage loses value over time. It may cost more to have it than the value of your car. My suggestion would be to find out the current value of your car. Go to websites like (National Auto Dealers Association)

or (Kelley Blue Book). If you have a $1,000 collision deductible, and your car is worth $1,000, it’s not worth paying for a collision.

Be warned, however, that if you remove the collision from your policy, a hit-and-run accident would not cover your damages. Likewise, if someone hits you, it’s their fault and they are uninsured, there would be no coverage for your vehicle. It is mandatory to carry liability coverage in Connecticut. Sometimes people don’t always keep up their insurance and drive with none in place. It can happen.

If you are questioning the decision to drop the collision coverage on any of your vehicles, consult with us. We can go over what would and would not be covered. Then you can make an informed decision. It will be worth it in the long run.

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