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Does my home insurance cover tree removal?

tree removal

My agency is located in Brookfield, CT, a suburban town in the western part of the state. We have plenty of trees in the area such as maple, oak, pine and birch trees, to name a few. They are all quite beautiful. Until you need to get one removed.

If a recent storm has moved a tree into a potentially harmful position, or a large branch overhangs your home, will your home insurance policy pay to remove the tree or branch? Let’s take a look.

Preventative tree removal is most likely not covered by your home insurance. Unfortunately, the cost to remove the tree or branch would fall on you, the homeowner. In the long run, having the tree removed is worth the expense. Damage caused by a fallen tree that was not removed due to the owner’s lack of action, may not be covered by the home insurance policy. You could be stuck with the costs of repair and removal if it falls on a covered structure.

Does your home insurance cover tree removal after a storm?

That answer will depend on where the tree lands. And also depends on if the tree was knocked down. Remember, preventative tree removal is not covered by home insurance. If a tree is not completely uprooted, it may be up to the homeowner to remove the tree. Also, if a tree was uprooted and did not damage any covered structure on the property, most likely the removal costs would be the responsibility of the homeowner.

When does home insurance cover tree removal?

Tree removal costs would be covered if the tree caused damage to a covered structure. Roofs, porches, fences would be examples of covered structures. If a fallen tree blocks your driveway, the removal cost may be covered by your home insurance policy. If a tree falls on your property and does not damage any structure, it most likely would not be covered by insurance.

Removing a damaged or diseased tree is always a good idea to prevent a potentially bigger loss down the road. If you have any questions about whether tree removal is covered by your insurance policy, please give us a call.

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