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Home Insurance Claim Tips

I often get asked by clients, “If I have a home insurance claim, what documentation do I need to show my adjuster?”. The simple answer is, “more is better!” I understand that keeping receipts and bills of sale are not always available, but there are things you can do before a claim happens to help you through the claims process.

Trying to remember everything you have in your home, especially if you have a severe loss, can be extremely difficult. If you have the time and patience, creating an inventory list of each room in the house, is the most effective and thorough way to keep track of your personal property. Keep those records in a safe location (safe deposit box, flash drive off premises, etc.). That way if you have a claim,

you can show your claims adjuster your records.

Another option would be to use your smart phone to video each room in the house. I tell people to “walk and talk” throughout the house. Open up closet doors and document as many of your belongings as possible. Record the quality of your kitchen and bathrooms. Include things like finished basements and other attached living space. Be as thorough as you can. And remember to always have a backup of this documentation.

Getting through the claims process can be challenging. Having as much documentation on hand will aid you in settling the claim more quickly and equitably.

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